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Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. We offer, reliable plans for every need – from a basic blog to high-powered site. Designer? Developer? We’ve got you covered too. Read more information here.

Web Design

You can choose a design either from a sketch that you do or from a template or from a bespoke design suggested to you by us. We are very flexible; just like our designs which are all mobile & tablet friendly.

Free Imagery

To dress your site you’ll need a combination of actual pictures from your business* or service and stock imagery. *If you’re in the Kent or London area you will be able to get photographs done professionally.

Key Support

Sooner or later you will run into technical problems. If you are with Host4Biz just send message, from our Contact Page. If you are priority membership your query will be escalated to same day response.

Let Host4Biz find you the right domain name for you

Domain Names

The name of your website can improve your prospects of getting visitors if it’s memorable and succinct. If you can’t get your ideal domain name then there are other options. Host4Biz is very good at getting names which reflects your business in the right look.
H4B searches for the best name using back-ordering, if necessary.
Web Hosting Packages

Website Design

This is the fun bit; draw your design on paper
and Host4Biz will turn it into a fully functional

You then just add the wording and then we
publish it to the web. It’s as simple as that!

One in five people are a part of the Gig economy. So it’s
high-time to get yourself a website that
works for you.

What does mobile friendly mean?

A Mobile friendly website means that when viewed from a smart-phone or tablet your site automatically “responds” to the size of the screen enabling you to be able to read and view images appropriate to the screen size. So, for example, the font will be larger on a small screen. The content is also tailored to the mobile experience so that the viewer isn’t overwhelmed with too much information.

Some mobile users just want to be able to do simple things on your site and do not need the sophistication of the content that a desktop computer user can see. If you would like to understand more you can read it here..

Can I get support as a newbie?

It seems all of us now have to have a website for a blog or for a business or just a profile page. We have to learn all the basics as we go along. If you sign up for Host4Biz services you will get access to support. All questions will be answered within 48-hours. However, if you are a Premium member your query will be answered within 24-hours. In practice, it’s usually within a few hours.

How much Does Hosting cost?

Most of the straightforward hosting packages and prices can be found here. Otherwise, drop H4B a line for a quote

Why choose H4B?

There are many hosting and website designers out there. However, many get too big to care about your business and only offer discounts and promotions to new customers. Generally speaking, H4B wants to stay relatively small and keep all your web assets in one place so they can be managed efficiently and affordably. Host4Biz keeps up with web practices and performs a website MOT annually to make sure your site is maintained and optimised to the best of your budget.

Why does a WordPress site cost more?

WordPress sites cost more to design and host because they are more complicated and require faster servers to run them. Ideally, they should be run on really fast dedicated servers but the cost of this would be in the hundreds of pounds per month. If you don’t have such a budget then H4B can help but even though the cheapest or free option is chosen to run your site it is still time demanding and has to be regularly upgraded to remain secure to be as cheap to manage as ordinary HTML websites.

Do you travel outside Kent to visit clients?

Yes, in some cases. This would be established whether this would be a practical consideration at sign up

Get the support that you need for when the FAQs can’t give you the whole picture. Support is built in for all clients that have hosting with us. A reply is usually within 48 hours, for unmanaged sites.

If you are not a client but wish to touch base and find out more about Host4Biz then send us a message via our contact form