A website shouldn’t be thought of a static advert for your company. It needs to act as your virtual business. Whatever changes your business makes it needs to be reflected on the website. Also just like the real thing, a potential customer needs all their questions answered as they navigate through the site.

Many visitors are converted to customers simply by having a pleasant experience on-line. To do this the website has to be engaging and dynamic. If a website looks and acts the same as it did when it was first built, it will not attract repeat visits and might even look dated.

Right from the start the owner of a website needs to think that someone will need to update it or it will quickly go stale. If you allow the site to fall by the way side Google and the other search engines will lower your site in its rankings. This will only help a competitor and prove a negative to your brand. To avoid this happening you could do one of two things:

  • Get a CMS (Content Management Service) website that you can maintain by, a dedicated person, who updates its contents of text and pictures.
  • Get a staff member to liaise with Host4Biz to update the content for you.
  • Get Host4Biz to maintain your site on a daily, weekly, monthly or irregular period to keep it fresh. See Managed Hosting for this facility.

If you are thinking about a different or custom style hosting package please touch base for further discussion.