“Keys to your kingdom.” Another unique feature with Host4Biz is that you own everything┬áto do with your website:

Domain name (website name is registered in your name and address)
website design

If at anytime you would like all the “keys” (usernames and passwords) for the site and software, if any, that was specifically bought or hard coded by Host4Biz (such as security or back-up features) for your site you will have all the information to administer it or even transfer it to another host. Please note, however, any software that Host4Biz uses globally on all its sites that is not site-specific can travel with the site in the case of transferring elsewhere on the understanding that there might be additional costs for licensing.

The reason for the “keys” is that some people get a website created by one person hosted by another and have someone else providing it’s content. If something happens to one or all of these people it’s handy to have the paperwork proving that it is your company and if in the case you would like a one-stop-shop then the manager of your online presence holds all the “keys” to unlock or lock up your web content.

If you require, as well as the keys, the branding pack, which includes work done by H4B on colour schemes (hex numbers,) logos (source files), font cases etc. There is a small cost for this, which is given on request.