Your family name as your email

Your Family e-mail

Personalise your email with your family name or house name: for example,  or

√ 1 domain name (website name)

√ 5 email addresses

√ 1 year’s hosting

From £4.99/month

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If your email is long and unmemorable like: but you would like an email like, then this is the perfect solution for you by using your family name to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You could also use your house name so you could have

Host4Biz only hosts your website

Just Hosting

Transfer your site over to Host4Biz for cheap hosting with aftercare. You receive a yearly “MOT” to check that your site is secure and performing how it should with the latest web technology or changes.

√ 2 email addresses

√ 1 year’s hosting

From £6.99/month 

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 Host4Biz will host your site, if it is a domain. If you have a different TLD (Top Level Domain) like .com or .net then the monthly fee will be £5.99. You will also receive an annual MOT on your site.

Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting for a simple WP site. This is an ideal platform for a small business or Blogger who wants the capabilities to update their own website through CMS (Custom Managed System like WordPress.

√ 5 email addresses

√ 1 year’s hosting

From £30/month 

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Because some plugins are out of date or conflict with other software your plugins will have to be vetted before they can be authorised by H4B. You will also receive an annual MOT on your site.

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Managed Hosting

99Managed Hosting is ideal for the small business, that requires updates to their content on a monthly basis. Price includes pro-photography and text content. It is like having another staff member on your team.

√ 5+ email addresses

√ Continuous hosting

From £99/month

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Imagine if you had a staff member who could take professional photographs, craft and maintain your website, have a handle on social media-you wouldn’t want to lose them. Managed hosting offers this and much more and you don’t have to pay holidays, sick pay or pension to us. Think about that for such a low fee.

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