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Nowadays all websites need to be mobile friendly and responsive. This simply means that your website changes according to what device it’s accessed on. Generally speaking, as the device gets smaller, as in a smart phone, the text and images adjust to its screen size enabling you the user a better surfing experience. Host4Biz creates these contemporary sites as standard.

This is how it works

The Challenge

You take a good long look at your current site and see if it meets the following points below. If you don’t have one then read the Solutions:

1st challenge
The site looks good on a pc, tablet and smartphone. Yes? Then go to point 2. If no, then you definitely need a new site.
2nd challenge
Your website is not only on the first page of Google but can be seen in the first few search enquiries. If not, this is worse than scoring badly on point one. If your website can’t be seen then it’s obvious that your online “footfall” is not reaching its full potential.
3rd challenge
Are you catering for types of visitors to your site? Generally, there are three kinds of visitors: those that already know of your business and want simply contact information and or directions (if you have a physical company outlet) to you.
The visitor who is browsing and stumbles upon your website. Are you engaging them? The web experience has moved on from the early 2000s and potential customers want not only be informed in layman’s terms of what you do but also why you are more suitable for their needs than your competitors.
The third kind are returning visitors are you still showing a page they saw a year ago? Or has some of your content been updated to reflect what changes have occurred in the meantime. Do you have new promotions and so the list goes on.
4th challenge
This is the most important part of the challenge are you willing to make contact with Host4Biz and let us determine for you, for free, if your current website is doing the job properly?
5th challenge
You don’t have a website then read the solutions

The Solution

Make contact with us and we can either scrutinize you website and make helpful comments about how to improve it or Host4Biz can help you from the ground up build a shiny new site that will represent your branding and company philosophy.

You have nothing to lose in having an MOT of your current site, as it won’t cost you anything. After which, you can decide if you wish to take up H4B’s recommendations or not. All quotes are transparent and would be based on your individual needs. The prices on this website are for straightforward solutions and generally, speaking are the costs that are charged for 99% of our clients.

However, not all client solutions are the same. For instance, some of H4B’s customers have IT issues with setting up emails to marketing ideas and help with these requirements takes extra time from us, so, of course, this will be reflected in the final or on-going costs.

The reason for choosing us is that your website will be affordable as all your requirements can be met by H4B: From Design, graphics, photography, content SEO (search engine optimisation), branding ideas, marketing, brochures and flyers, as well as newsletters can all be catered for as we have a package for everyone.

Please note, if you require a commerce site that handles credit cards and the like you will need a fast and secure servers which come at a price. These prices are so variable that there isn’t a price comparison here and monthly fees for these will be laid out full on a quote.


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Your site should not only be easily viewed on a myriad of smart devices but have practical content designed particularly for each individual sized device. There’s no point in having too much information on a hand held device that would be better suited to a pc

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

H4B takes charge, if needed, and you get a professional look website that has easy to read copy.

Managed Sites

If you choose a Managed site then your site can be updated as frequently as often as you need.